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Dance Intensive 2021

Posted Oct 18, 2020 by Tierri Abraham. Filed under New Class Alert



A one day a week Dance Intensive for Commercial and Contemporary Dance Students.

Are you thinking about a fulltime performing arts course or seeking a career in dance? Then Danzart’s wonderful new Dance Intensive – The Next Step program is for you! We spoke to Danzart director Kellie Hansen about why she’s so excited about the return of this rigorous training and mentoring program to our Seven Hills studio in 2021 and what this highly specialised course offers for you.


Hi Kellie! We’re so excited to hear you’re bringing back Dance Intensive to Danzart in 2021!

It is inspiring, and I’m thrilled to announce the return of this fantastic development program for the studio. Dance Intensive will offer some of our most talented grade 10, 11 and 12 dance students the chance to extend their training because they absolutely deserve this opportunity to excel and be their best! For those who have a clear desire to make dance a career – whether a performer, educator, or choreographer – the ‘intensive’ is designed to prepare students wanting to achieve a high level of competency in dance. We look forward to covering everything from conditioning bodies and minds for life as a dancer to preparation for auditions, etiquette and writing CVs. 

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What do you see as the most important aspect of this new program?

Seriously, there’s so much to love about Dance Intensive – it includes so many important elements to assist our aspiring dancers! Our students get specialised technical performance training and career guidance under our qualified mentorship.  Dance Intensive really fosters enthusiasm for dance and prepares those students contemplating full-time dance or who want to keep skills at an "audition ready" level. Ultimately, it’s going to give our participating students a springboard from which to leap into full-time or professional performance!


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What does a Dance Intensive Day look like?

We’ve decided to hold the full-day program every Wednesday from 9 is to 3.30 pm. The day’s timetable covers fitness, stretch and conditioning, audition techniques, jazz, lyrical and contemporary styles with extra time allocated for those in the program who wish to do the CUA30113 Cert 111 in Dance through the ATOD. (RTO31624)


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Who will be teaching the program?

As course facilitator, I am looking forward to working with Danzart’s Matt Browning mentoring and developing technique in our students, sharing the role of training and assessing. The students will also have the opportunity to be taught by highly qualified genre-specific industry professionals relevant to the arts industry.  The Dance Intensive associate teachers will bring a wealth of knowledge from their dance industry experiences. Dance is a very competitive industry, so we’ll be focusing on familiarising our students with the routine of dancing all day and instilling them all with the high standard and level of training, discipline and maturity they’ll need to succeed.


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We’ve had a few enquiries about our great dance intensive video! Can you tell us a little bit about how it came to be?

 Meghan Hansen, a longtime student and now teacher at Danzart studio produced the Dance Intensive Video.  Meghan has been extensively trained in all genres with her primary focus on classical ballet.  Having been part of the Queensland Ballet Academy and the Australian Ballet interstate programs, Meghan is now sharing her passion for dance through filming and producing concept videos and showreels for her fellow performers. The performers in the video are a mix of our former and current Danzart alumni, who love the experience of dancing for film.


Sounds amazing! How do we sign up?

Thank you, and yes, we think it’s an incredibly worthwhile program, offering a head start in what can be a tough industry to crack. All of us at Danzart can’t wait to provide this opportunity to help advance our talented young dancers. Interested students can register here:  Click Here for further info & enquiries