Dance Eisteddfods. Here are some reasons why they are a good idea.

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Dance Eisteddfods. Here are some reasons why they are a good idea.

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Dance Eisteddfods

Here are some reasons why they are a good idea

Danzart Eisteddfod season is over for the year. The Danzart Team had a fabulous season, and we can't wait for next year and to do it all over again. We want to share why we love performing in Dance Competitions.

There are endless opportunities for fun and growth at Dance Competitions. With positive energy and outlook, the students are destined to have a great time. Competing is an excellent opportunity for each young dancer to be their best selves all while learning to become better dancers.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Jazz Dance eisteddfod team




Groups are an ideal tool for strengthening teamwork and team spirit – which are both things that are crucial in professional dance companies, just about any other career path, and every-day life.


Stage Experience

Musical Theatre performance group



Further stage experience the students gain will assist them in dealing with nerves, in thinking quickly and develop problem-solving skills. They will experience the thrill of performing in front of a live audience and will gain an understanding of professional etiquette and stagecraft.


Emotional Strength and Grace

Lyrical Dance



Dance Eisteddfods encourage students to practice gracefully and accept the judges' decisions and to be gracious in defeat or as winners.
Competitions can help to build up an emotional resilience that will help dancers deal with critiques and feedback in all aspects of their lives.


Higher Standards

Contemporary Dance


Dance competitions are a great way to help students to push themselves harder and to help them strive for more polished performances with better technique. Eisteddfods encourage dancers, choreographers, and teachers, to work to their highest possible standards. Excellent performance requires practice, mental focus, and refined technique and skill.

Judges Critique - Feedback

Performing is fun



The judges at a dance competition are industry professionals, and getting personalized feedback from them is valuable. Competitions are the best way to perform for and receive feedback from expert judges. The judges' critique can help students and teachers improve training, skills, technique, choreography, and performance skills – this is often seen as more valuable than a trophy!


Competitions are Fun

Fun with friends



Competitions are such a fantastic way for dancers to have fun with their dance friends and studio.
It's not only about success; it's about going on stage and performing a great routine and enjoying the experience! Competitions are an excellent experience for any dancer and can help develop vital skills that will be useful for their future careers.


Food for Thought

….while it may feel awesome to win, winning isn't as important as putting in your best effort!

We had the best fun at our End of Eisteddfod Season Break-up Party

Take a look......