Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1Do you have a dress code/uniform?

There is a uniform for all classes.  Click here for our full dress code and uniform list.

We recommend the following retailers for footwear: Stretch Out on Bay Tce, Wynnum and Sue's Shop in Carina.  

2What payment options do you offer?

Unless otherwise agreed, all class fees should paid in full by their due date (listed on your invoice).

We offer the following payment facilities/options:

  • Eftpos Credit Card-Debit Card-Paywave
  • Direct Debit
  • Ezi Debit Payment Plans
  • Cash
3Do you offer a trial class or can I try a class before enrolling?

Trial classes are available.

4How do I find out about what classes are on and when?

Our timetable is available online. You can view the individual timetables depending on the age of your child via the following links:


There is also a full list of class descriptions available on the website as well.

Click here for our full timetable.

5How do I enrol?

We are in the process of rebuilding our online enrolment and billing system. In the meantime, submit an enquiry or register for a trial class and when we receive your details a member of our friendly team will send you the link to the enrolment form.

6Can parents watch classes?

We have large TV's in our reception where parents can watch their classes.

Each term we offer a parent-watching week where classes are open for parents, grandparents and special friends to view. Outside of this viewing week parents are not permitted to remain and watch classes as we find it distracts the students too much.

Have we not answered your question?


Please call the Studio Administration on (07) 3843 3011 or fill in out contact form