How to Ace a Dance Audition

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How to Ace a Dance Audition

Posted Sep 25, 2019 by Miss Kellie. Filed under General

You are dreaming of taking your dance further as a professional.  Read on.  Here are some great tips to "ace' that audition.

Dance Audition

Following these tips to prepare for a dance audition will give you the confidence you need to succeed. And remember…you have already done most of the work through your training!

Plan Ahead and Keep Fit

Put the dates of your auditions in your calendar and work towards them like you would for your dance exams and or competitions.

Take your training seriously so that your technique is in peak form.

Be in peak physical shape. Keep up pilates and conditioning classes.

Take dance classes in different styles.  For example, if you are doing a lot of commercial jazz ensure you are keeping up your jazz technique and try a broadway jazz class.

Challenge yourself throughout the year by taking workshops with as many different choreographers as you can, to learn the art of picking up new movement fast.  If at all possible, try to take a class with whoever will be teaching the class in the audition, so you at least have some idea of what you might be asked to do.

Perform each combination in class to its fullest potential and take corrections, employing them immediately. This will help condition your body and mind to the rigours of the audition world.

Gather Your Information

Ensure you researched your audition.  Are you auditioning for a Swan Lake role or a music video backup dancer?

Learn as much as you can about the role or company you are auditioning for beforehand.

Find out if there is a fee to audition and be sure to bring it with you.

 Find out if you need to bring or submit any documents.

Ensure you have your headshots and resume.  Click this link for info on "dancer's resume". Dancer's Resume How-To

Your headshot should be a professional photograph.


Some auditions may also require a full-body photo. They may need you to apply and send this information in advance; others may want you to bring printed copies that they can keep.

Make sure your resume highlights your strengths and recent accomplishments and includes your name and phone number.

Mention where you have trained, who you have studied with, and performance experience.

Visualisation is the Key

Practice visualising yourself in the audition, doing the best you’ve ever done. If you practice this enough, your brain will start to accept it as truth, and you have a better chance of smashing success on the day.

dance audition

The Importance of Grooming 

Be smart about knowing what you are auditioning for.

On audition day, you must present yourself well.  Find out if there are any required items of clothing, and then dress the part.  Wear what makes you feel comfortable, but don’t hide under baggy clothing. Tidy hair, no jewellery, clean shoes – look like you mean business.

If appropriate, wear something that helps you stand out in the crowd. Be edgy, but, keep it clean and neat. 

Enquire if you have any questions about the dress code. Bring the correct dance shoes as well.

Be Professional

Be polite, try to pick up choreography quickly, ask questions if you need to, listen to instructions, and be respectful. All these things are expected of a professional dancer, and it’s in your best interest if you present yourself as a pro from the beginning.

Been seen don't hide up the back. 

Be respectful of your fellow auditionees.

Have Fun - look confident.

Although you may be nervous, try not to let your nerves get the better of you. Directors/Choreographers will want to see something of your personality, as well as how you dance. So try to relax, have fun, and show them why you love to dance.  A smile goes a long way.

Rest- Fuel-Warm-Up

The night before do your positive visualisations and get a good night's sleep.

The morning of - have a breakfast that sustains your audition.

Drink plenty of water.

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready.

Arrive at the venue early enough to warm-up.

Good Luck

Remain lighthearted and natural if you begin to feel nervous at all. Channel your nerves into enthusiasm for the choreography.

The more you can allow your talent to shine through your dancing ability, the closer you will be to landing the job! Be there for yourself and your desire for the job.

There is no need to compare yourself to others, so leave your judgment at the door.

Auditioning is a skill that should be practised often and will improve over time. Remember to learn what you can from both excellent and lousy audition experiences. Remain hopeful in yourself and dedicated to your craft to continue growing as a dancer and performer.