The Danzart Story

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The Danzart Story

Posted Jan 07, 2019 by Kellie Hansen. Filed under General

The Danzart Story


....from Inception

I could say Danzart commenced in 1996 with all the usual rhetoric; however, Danzart started in a little girl’s heart from a very early age.  It started with a passion for music and movement of all sorts; it was the little girl who was the annoying little sister who couldn’t keep still, the little sister that danced and flipped and tumbled throughout the house.  Danzart emerged from the little girl’s dance teachers, mentors, fellow dance friends and of course the endless support and encouragement from her parents. That little girl was me…. AKA Miss Kellie.

.....forward in Time

So, after many years of Dance Tuition, exams, eisteddfods, concerts, full time classical and contemporary training, and professional performance and teaching experience I decided to Open a Dance School.  Teaching dance has always been my first passion.  The joy of observing the growth and development of all the dance students that I have had the pleasure to work with over the years is insurmountable.

"My vision was always to create a Dance Studio that didn’t just rely on one teacher but many working as a unified team of instructors, imparting their collective knowledge and experience". 


...making the Dream a Reality

I commenced Danzart in May of 1996 at a little church hall in Florence St Carina with eight students. At the end of that year with about 20 students, we had a dance display at the hall followed by an afternoon tea. In 1997 the end of year concert was at the White’s Hill Secondary College Hall boasting a cast of about 40 students.  I wasn’t expecting a large audience however from memory there was about 250 (way more than I thought there would be).  This was the beginning of the Danzart community and over the years has developed into a large and loyal family-based dance studio.

"Our end of year concerts has developed into outstanding productions which offer amazing theatrical experiences for the students".

.....we found a Permanent Home

In January 2004 after several location shifts, we settled into our home in Seven Hills.  This is where the magic happens and a place of many happy memories — the endless wave of young people dedicating themselves to their classes whether they are for recreational experience or to take their craft on to more serious levels.


...many Success Stories and Happy Memories

Over the 23 years, there have been many success stories.  Many students have successfully made dance their career in all styles; commercial, theatrical, classical and contemporary.  Longtime students have combined their dedication to the studio, and all things dance alongside their commitment to academic studies, moving on to outstanding work careers.  Students have been accepted into many programs such as the Queensland Ballet Academy and Australian Ballet School as well as making their mark in individual competitions.

"As a team, Danzart has always been very successful in the competition arena our students have always been encouraged to act with integrity and display outstanding sportsmanship".


.....Vision Realized 

I realized my vision of a collective of dance mentors learning from each other and working as a team to ensure Danzart students experience joy and passion in their dance studies.  I and the faculty of Danzart will continue to work hard to develop the growing needs of the school and students as individuals.  

 "Team building" - the amazing Danzart Staff.


I feel incredibly humbled by the support and commitment of the Danzart families. Many lasting friendships for both students and parents have begun here at our studio.


Come on in, take a look! We are like one big dance family here at Danzart. What you’ll find is a place that will capture your passion and value your efforts and commitment to being the best you can be. We dance for the love of it.


Yours in Dance

Miss Kellie