Classical Ballet - The Benefits of Two Classes per Week

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Classical Ballet - The Benefits of Two Classes per Week

Posted Feb 08, 2021 by Tierri Abraham. Filed under Dance Technique

Classical Ballet

Why Two Ballet Classes a Week?

pasdDanzart in Seven Hills is a studio that is proud to hold an outstanding reputation for Clasical ballet tuition.  According to Danzart founder and director Kellie Hansen, ballet underpins all theatrical dance styles and is crucial for students who wish to develop a strong foundation in dance.

sophia“Ballet is most beneficial for body placement and highly suited to students who wish to improve technique and move on to more advanced levels,” she said.

it is also the most challenging, and for children to grasp the technique and make progress, we strongly recommend two ballet lessons per week under guidelines set by the RAD.”

Having a strong ballet foundation instils our dancers with focus, balance, grace, agility, musicality, alignment and structure - all skills required for various dance styles.

Kellie said many professional dancers – not necessarily ballet dancers - incorporate ballet into their exercise regime to ensure they continue to maintain a successful career as a dancer and performer.



martikaIf you don’t have a background in dance you may not know what to look for in a good studio. Danzart provides classes for girls and boys from primary to advanced levels and offers exams in the Royal Academy of Dance Classical Ballet Syllabus


Alongside the RAD syllabus, Danzart incorporates classical ballet techniques from different methods and disciplines. Danzart’s classical ballet program also includes comprehensive pre-pointe conditioning, pilates and extension programs.




ZaraA very technical discipline, ballet requires dedication. We encourage our ballet students to enrol in two classes of classical ballet a week – as recommended by the RAD.

Ballet exams promote discipline and help children set important goals. Students are invited to take exams so they can challenge themselves to improve their skills and, importantly, we can evaluate their progress. Progression through the exam process also leads to teaching qualifications to those students who wish to instruct.


Ballet opportunities at Danzart also include:

  • End of year performances
  • Dance competitions
  • Private tuition for soloists
  • Ballet extension for students who wish to develop their skills
  • Community performances
  • Pilates, strength and conditioning
  • Pre-Pointe programs.
  • Danzart also offers workshops taught by guest instructors and will be offering pointe screening from qualified Physios in 2021.

CharlotteDanzart's Classical Ballet Alumni Achievements

  • Australian Ballet Interstate and Invitee Programs
  • Youth American Grand Prix finalist
  • Queensland Ballet Academy 
  • Queensland Ballet Pre-Professional Program
  • Performers and Soloists in Youth Contemporary Dance Companies
  • Successful competition soloists
  • RAD Jacqueline Moreland winners and runner-up.
  • Ballet Theatre of Queensland lead roles and company members


“Our teachers are great role models for our students. They are qualified dance professionals who are highly trained in classical ballet,” says Kellie.

“You can see in their posture and attitude the way ballet fundamentals are carried through into their daily life.”


Enquire here for ballet classes at Danzart.