The Benefits and Purpose of Dance Competitions

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The Benefits and Purpose of Dance Competitions

Posted Apr 26, 2021 by Kellie Hansen. Filed under General


The Benefits and Purpose Dance Competitions

As the Danzart Eisteddfod Team prepares for their first dance comp of the year, we thought it was the perfect time to highlight the benefits of dance eisteddfods/competitions and how dance is a team sport.


PenelopeWorking towards a competition provides a dancer with a fully rounded experience of taking dance steps from the studio, onto the big stage.  Dancers learn to commit to rehearsal schedules and to work hard in class, knowing that every improvement will count on stage.

Dancers learn how to perform. There is more to the successful dancer than simply great technique. They need to connect with the audience, to bring their movements to life.  Competition experience provides them with a platform on which they can learn how to work the stage. Performance opportunities at Danzart click here.

Constructive Feedback

Competition dancers get to hear constructive criticism and positive feedback from experts in the field.  The smart dancer will take this information and use it to work on and improve their craft, technique, and performance.  Dance Styles on offer at Danzart click here


Dancers will learn the practical skills of being organized and responsible. 


Dancers will learn to bounce back. They won’t always win the trophy or get the highest score, despite their long hours and effort.  They’ll learn to win and lose with grace, to handle disappointment, and to use the experience positively, to drive them forward. This attitude will be beneficial to them throughout their lives.  Further your Dance Training Click Here

Team Spirit

Team encouragement is also an integral part of succeeding as a group.

teamworkWhether dance students are part of a competition team or participating in weekly recreational dance classes, dance lessons are made up of a group of devoted team members who practice and perform together - as a team! 

Dancers practise their technique exercises as individuals, and dancers work extremely hard to get solo and featured sections of choreography.  However, most dance items are in groups and the dancers perform together as teammates.  While there are no gameplays to memorize, there are so many things dancers do as a team that help them succeed.

Dancers Build Trust and Communicate With Each Other

Group performances do best when the dancers trust each other. Learning to communicate in practice and on stage, developing connections, and building a family-like bond is an essential part of the dancer's training and performance. As dance teams spend more and more time together, their ability to communicate, read, and trust each other in practice and on stage grows, enhancing their overall performance quality.


Dancers Are Accountable to Each Other

chloequinnDancers in a group are committed to being a part of the team. This includes coming to class, on time, ready to work hard.  Dancers have an unspoken agreement to learn and perfect their choreography and put in 100% effort into every class and performance. This group commitment ensures everyone on the team does their part to make their dance amazing.

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“Competition can be fun, and whether you win or lose, there’s always something you can learn”.





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