Danzart Tiny Movers - Meet Miss Kim

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Danzart Tiny Movers - Meet Miss Kim

Posted Jan 12, 2022 by Kellie Hansen. Filed under General

Danzart Tiny Movers - Get to know Miss Kim.

How has dancing changed your life?

Dance has always been a part of my life from a young girl to now. It gave me the strength to work towards goals and the ability to express my feelings.  Dancing gives me purpose, passion and confidence.

Who has inspired you the most in your dance career?

I have to say Miss Kellie (Danzart Principal) helped me become the teacher I am today, she is always there guiding me to keep striving to be the best I can be.

Why did you decide to become a Tiny Movers instructor - and what do you love the most about teaching under 5’s?

When my daughter turned 2 I started her in dance at Danzart and after seeing how her teachers at the time were building each students confidence and introducing dance in a safe environment I knew I wanted to be a part of each students journey starting in their first dance class.  I love watching the younger students smile on their faces as they enter class each week.

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How important is it to be a positive role model for younger children?

It is very important for me to be a positive role model and influence, motive and strives to help each student uncover their true potential.

What are your greatest strengths as a dance teacher?

Passion, Sensitivity and Patience – I am very passionate about dance and sharing my knowledge with students. I am sensitive to the needs of each student and encourage them individually. 

What is the most memorable moment of teaching so far?

There are so many but one, in particular, was watching a little girls face light up when she got her skips for the first time.  I had been helping her every week and one lesson she just started skipping.

Describe your Tiny Movers dance class in three words.

  • Fun
  • Rewarding
  • Energetic

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What do you think the children love the most about the Tiny Movers dance program?

Apart from seeing their teachers each week, our children love learning new exercises and making friends whilst wearing a pretty/handsome outfit.

What type of music do you use in the Tiny Movers dance classes?

We use all different types of music, action songs, familiar children’s favourites.  We research and obtain many dance educational music resources.

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Do you have a favourite dance genre?

It would have to be Jazz and Musical Theatre.

If not a dance teacher, what would you be?

A school teacher.