Danzart Tiny Movers - Meet Miss Tish

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Danzart Tiny Movers - Meet Miss Tish

Posted Jan 30, 2022 by Kellie Hansen. Filed under General

Danzart Tiny Movers - Get to know Miss Tish.

How has dancing changed your life?

Dance has impacted my life in lots of different ways. I have shared my love and knowledge of dance with others in various settings, including early childhood classrooms, high school musical choreography, and church dance groups. I love giving opportunities for others to learn to dance and perform, especially when they haven't had the opportunities to do it elsewhere. 

Who has inspired you the most in your dance career?

Miss Kellie. In my teenage years, I started dancing at Danzart with Miss Kellie as my first dance studio teacher. During these first few years of dancing and growing as a teenager, Miss Kellie showed she cared for her students as technical dancers and as individuals. She encouraged me to take up other facets of dance, including ballet and contemporary, to extend my dance knowledge. Still, looking back, I now realize how important Miss Kellie was as another adult in my life who cared about me and the choices I made growing up.

Why did you decide to become a Tiny Movers instructor - and what do you love the most about teaching under 5's?

I first became a Tinymovers assistant teacher while studying at Uni. This was my first taste of teaching dance in a studio setting, and I loved it! I started as Miss Kellie's assistant. After a few years of being a primary school teacher and then a stay at home mum, I have returned to teaching dance to this age group I started with. I love seeing these young dancers' exceptional life skills as they attend Tinymovers lessons. 

I have always loved this age group, their imagination and life stories through their eyes. I love how as a teacher, I can capture their creativity by using words and imagery when describing movements to keep them engaged as much as possible.

Tiny Movers - Frequently Asked Questions

How important is it to be a positive role model for younger children?

My own experience with my dance teachers reminds me of the influence I now have to be a positive role model to these young dancers. When these young dancers walk into the studio, you aren't sure what has happened in their lives before they arrive. Being another adult in their lives who will listen to them and make them feel heard and essential is a great honour and a tremendous responsibility.

What are your greatest strengths as a dance teacher?

I am kind, caring, fun, energetic and love a good laugh. I trained and worked as a Primary School teacher and am a mother of 3 young children.

What is the most memorable moment of teaching so far?

I love seeing young dancers grow in confidence. I remember having a young dancer who took a whole term to let go of mum to dance with us at the beginning of the year. Then took another term to let go of my hand to dance on her own. As she grew in confidence, she slowly started to dance by herself. I wasn't sure if she would be ready or willing to go on stage for the concert. As concert time came around, she came out of her shell and performed amazingly on stage without any assistance. This is why I love this age group. 

Describe your Tiny Movers dance class in three words.

  • Fun
  • Imaginative 
  • Energetic

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What do you think the children love the most about the Tiny Movers dance program?

The use of a variety of props (when we can) is a highlight for the dancers.

What type of music do you use in the Tiny Movers dance classes?

We use a mix of songs in our program that children are familiar with. We use nursery rhymes, traditional ballet piano music and songs from children's movies. 

Do you have a favourite dance genre?

My favourite dance genre would have to be jazz. I love the fast beats of the music and energy needed when dancing jazz. 

If not a dance teacher, what would you be?

I would probably work part-time as a Disney Princess (Belle), the other time a magic fairy (like from Sleeping Beauty) to help with all the housework!