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Spotlight on Zara Ibrahim

Posted Sep 18, 2018 by Kellie Hansen. Filed under General

Spotlight on Danzart Student

Zara Ibrahim


It's with great pleasure and pride to announce that long-time student Zara Ibrahim has been accepted into the Queensland Ballet Academy Senior Program.  Zara has been a student of Danzart Studio since the age of 4, and we are so excited for her to be spreading her wings and fulfilling her dreams of becoming a classical ballet dancer.  Next year Zara (grade 10) will commence her first year of full-time classical ballet as well as continuing her academic studies.  Many students aspire to attend the Queensland Ballet Academy and Zara's hard work, tenacity and dedication have paid off.


........mentorship and open dialogue between all parties

It has been a great collaboration between myself, Zara's principal ballet coach Ms. Kym Stokes, Zara's parents and of course Zara herself to set goals and strategies to lead her to a path of success.  Coupled with the attending a classical development program at Danzart and further private coaching opportunities taught by very highly regarded ballet teachers Zara's improvement has been immense.  Her parents trusted the process hence we were able to develop a highly individualized program for her.  


............her time at Danzart

During Zara's time at Danzart Zara has a team of dedicated and creative teachers to instruct her in Classical, Contemporary and Jazz.  Zara always achieved extremely high marks in both RAD Classical Ballet and CSTD Contemporary Exams, for many years Zara was a valuable team member in our competition groups.  Her time at Danzart have seen some fantastic highlights;

  • 2017 Zara was chosen to perform with the Royal Ballet in the Contemporary production of the "Wolf Works."
  • 2017/18 student of the Australian Ballet School Interstate Program.
  • 2017/18 student of the Queensland Ballet Academy Associate Program.
  • A longtime cast member of the Ballet Theatre of Queensland. (Since 2014)
  • 2016 and 2018 recipient of the Ballet Theatre of Queensland's  "Jodie White Memorial Scholarship." 


At Danzart we invest in our student's dreams and aspirations we are so looking forward to watching Zara's progress while she can still maintain spending some time with us and even more importantly Zara will not have to sacrifice her education.  We truly appreciate the value of Zara and her family's loyalty to Danzart Studio.

Zara Ibrahim

Congratulations Zara