What to expect from Danzart's Tiny Mover Class

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What to expect from Danzart's Tiny Mover Class

Posted Mar 15, 2021 by Letisha Fitell. Filed under General

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At Danzart, our Tiny Movers program has been carefully put together to allow students to be imaginative, learn new dance skills and have fun.

Welcoming Environment

  • Our Tiny Movers are welcomed with a happy smile from their teacher/s, who love their job, teaching dance to this precious age group when entering the class. The teacher eagerly learns and use students’ names throughout their time together.  
  • With guidance from our teachers, students will then find a coloured marker to sit on while waiting for other dance friends and for the class to begin while parents can take a seat ready to enjoy watching their child via the TV screen air-conditioned foyer. There is also a coffee shop right next door.  (Danzart Studios)
  • If any of our little dancers feel insecure, parents are welcome to sit in and or join the class.


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Class Development

The Tiny Movers Program has been divided into themed lessons. Each themed lesson will be taught for four weeks to become familiar with each exercise, retain the movement, and improve on these movements each week. Lesson Theme examples: Fairy Garden, Teddy Bears, Circus, The Beach & Sea.  We also encourage our little dancers to express their ideas in their dance lessons and we plan the classes from their responses.

Danzart Tiny Movers dance classes also progress with age-appropriate gross motor skill development and dance technique. Students learn these skills starting from balancing to hopping and jumping, then to galloping and skipping. Along with gross motor development, ballet technique also requires progression. This includes feet and arm positions, basic steps and movements. All of these things have been written into the program with careful consideration and placement.


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Class Structure

Welcome - Hello song & warm-up dance (In a circle)

Circle Time Sitting - hand action or nursery rhyme, good toes/naughty toes (point and flex), Hideaway (curling and stretching).

Circle Time Standing – big body movement song, plies and tendu, basic ballet technique. We use age-appropriate instructional songs and music.

Working in a circle is a great way for the dancers to feel safe and secure.

Theme box surprise –   What's in the box?  It is a great way to open up a discussion with our little dancers and relate the item in the box to the class content.

Moving in a Circle – Walking on tiptoes, fairy runs, marching, instruments.

Travelling steps –  Large gross motor movements - hopping, jumping, galloping, skipping.

Learn a Dance - We work towards our Tiny Movers to link simple steps and movement together to form a dance sequence to some very fun tunes.

Goodbye song - We have a wonderful goodbye song the students love to sing.

Sticker Time - Our Sticker cards are always a big hit with the Tiny Movers.



Highlights of the lessons

Theme box surprise – Each week, there is a different object of discovering related to the theme; it can be a picture, book or tactile object.

Use of Props – Students are so excited when props are brought out to use when dancing. They help with musicality, imagination, teamwork and spatial awareness. Props used within the Tiny Movers Program include scarves, wings, wands, parachute, beam, coloured dots, hoops and instruments.

Sticker Time- At the end of each lesson, students will receive a sticker for attending the class and for a well-deserved reward for their efforts. This is a highlight of the class to see their own sticker, show their friends what they have, and finally, show their parent or caretaker after class.


What else to expect during the year at Tiny Movers:

feeleotardLeotard or T-Shirt:  Upon enrollment into the Danzart Tiny Movers program students receive a leotard or T-Shirt.

Parent watching day: This is an opportunity for parents and caregivers to come inside the classroom to experience the class for themselves. (Term 2)

Themed Days;  A guest such as a real ballerina or a character from a book may pop in from time to time to dance with our Tiny Movers.

Concert, Costumes & Photos: Students will learn a routine during the year and have the opportunity to perform on stage at the end of the year Concert. Students love dressing in their new costumes and having their special photo taken on photo day.   This isn't compulsory; however, the students who don't wish to participate at the end of year concert will be included in learning the dance and our classes continue in the same format throughout the year.


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