Finished Year 12 - Keep Dancing!

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Finished Year 12 - Keep Dancing!

Posted Feb 07, 2022 by Tierri Abraham. Filed under General

From mental health to physical fitness: why we should keep dancing after Year 12

At Danzart we highly recommend continuing dance at our Seven Hills studio up to Year 12 and beyond. We provide fun, open classes so you don’t have to stop dancing when you grow up!



 In the same way, dance prepares our little ones for those formative educational years, we believe dance assists maturing students with the daily stresses that may interfere with tertiary study or work commitments.

“Dance has a powerful effect on the human body and general well being. Dance and movement is an important learning tool: the constant interaction between body and mind stimulates cognitive function and neuron health,” says our studio director Kellie Hansen.

We often talk about the impact of dance from pre-school age to 12 but we don’t really discuss the benefits of continuing classes after school.  This is despite the fact, that as we get older, it is just as important to take care of our physical and emotional health.

“Releasing feel-good endorphins through dance is the perfect way to unwind after a hectic day, you’ll leave the studio feeling amazing, relaxed and less stressed - so why stop after Year 12?”


Kellie says that as students move into senior school they often pull back on their ballet, contemporary or jazz classes to concentrate on their studies, right at a time when continuing can be of most benefit.



Many former year 12 leavers have continued on with their dance training while combining their university studies.  They have had the opportunities to dance professionally as well as to continue their training to seek opportunities in teaching dance. 

Stay connected with your "Dance Family".



“After year 12 graduation, many students stop dancing altogether – not even maintaining a recreational interest.  But what if they didn’t change their dance schedule and kept up classes for their emotional and physical health?” asks Kellie.


“Studies show how dance and movement offer benefits for a range of ailments and is particularly effective in treatment for depression.”


Designed to be a great work out and a creative outlet, Danzart open classes are an opportunity to have fun and meet new people.


Whether you’re continuing to participate in classes or a complete beginner, let dance make a positive impact on everyday life as you embark on adulthood.  Danzart open classes will help you maintain flexibility and strength, balance and co-ordination.




At Danzart we offer classes in Jazz Styles, Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acrobatics and Musical Theatre.

We offer special discounts to University/Tafe Students.

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