Prep Dance

Prep Dance at Danzart is a 45-minute class focusing on ballet and Jazz. As teaching tools and resources we us the Royal Academy of Dance Pre-Primary and Primary Classical Ballet Syllabus and the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance Jazz Syllabus.

These syllabi develop students’ in the following skills

  • Physical
  • Creativity
  • Expression
  • Musicality

Set to engaging music, the exercises teach the beginnings of the ballet technique in a creative and fun environment.

Prep Dance prepares students for a successful transition to ballet and other dance genres at higher levels.

Tap dance is also on offer for Prep age students.
(Students who attend Prep at School)

End of Year Concert

Held annually in the first week-end of December at the Lingo Lin Theatre Ormiston College. A great opportunity for kids who love to perform! Dazzling costumes and lots of fun to be had, while developing confidence through live performance on 'the big stage'! Participation is optional.

Additional Information

Students aged 6 to 9 yrs


4.45 - 5.45PM

Studio 3

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Prep Dance
Students attending Prep at school


4.30 - 5.15PM

Clearview Lower

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3.45 - 4.30PM

Studio 3

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10.45 - 11.30AM

Studio 1

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